Our fruit & veg: grown by some local characters

Bring back the flavour! Remember when tomatoes tasted like...well tomatoes!? These days, much of Australia's fruit and vegetables are grown to look good and to last long on the shelf. The supermarkets say that otherwise their customers won't buy it.

Well, we don't buy that. What's the point of purchasing a beautiful apple that has no flavour, no crunch and no juice? Exactly: like a broken pencil. (Pointless).

So what can you expect from Harvest Hub?

Real Flavour

Fruit & veg with lots of flavour, but not necessarily cosmetically perfect. We taste almost everything we buy, and even if it is has some skin imperfections, we'll buy it if it tastes nothing short of great. In other words, we're going for character over looks. Substance over style.

Local growers help reduce food miles

We buy as much of our produce as possible from local growers in the Sydney Basin - from Middle Dural to Picton, and from Wallacia to Rossmore. (Go on, meet some of our local characters). During the peak growing season, about 70% of what we buy comes from the Sydney Basin.

The rest comes from other parts of NSW, Queensland and Victoria, and a limited amount of stock (mainly potatoes and onions) from South Australia and some varieties like carrots from Tasmania and Western Australia - but only when the eastern seaboard can't supply due to weather or out-of-season conditions. (The only imports we ever buy are New Zealand kiwi and garlic from Spain, Mexico or Argentina - but only once the local growing season is finished. It'll be clearly stated on the order page).

Buying local reduces food miles and helps reduce our impact on the planet. It's also fresher and often cheaper because of lower transport cost.

Smaller growers help preserve biodiversity

Most of our growers are relatively small - working on plots of typically 5-10 acres (roughly the size of 1-2 ovals or football fields). These small, local growers are important for preserving our bio-diversity, and our support means that you can help secure the long-term future of horticulture in the Sydney Basin which has been under threat from over-development. At a time when Bigger seems to be considered Better (think banks, supermarkets), we still believe that Small is Beautiful!

Fresh, fresher, freshest

Harvest Hub is as fresh as you can get it, apart from growing it yourself. Many shop-bought fruit & veg can sit on the shelf, in the fridge or cool room for days or even weeks - and has been picked up, inspected, pressed and prodded by other shoppers - before it ends up in your trolley. By contrast, Harvest Hub produce comes straight from the grower or the market, and gets delivered to your Hub either the same day (for most greens) or within 24 hours (for most other produce). In fact, it's often so fresh that you may need to let it ripen for a few days.


We focus on seasonal produce: fennel in winter, snow peas in spring, corn in summer and pumpkin in autumn and winter - to name just a few. Which doesn't mean we won't offer say tomatoes in July - but they're just not in abundance, and not cheap either. And really, cherries in July just don't feel right (especially knowing they're flown in from California, which won't do any good for our food miles).

Fruit that fits in a lunchbox

We avoid super-sized fruit & veg: supermarkets are demanding large fruit which forces shoppers to buy more (by weight) than they really need. How many of us have had half a banana or avocado going brown in the fridge? Harvest Hub fruit is smaller and will fit inside your kid's lunchbox, so there is less wastage. Besides, small fruit tends to taste better because it hasn't had excessive amounts of fertiliser and drip-irrigation.

Great value

Buying locally grown produce is not necessarily cheaper than the produce grown interstate. Although transport costs are lower, many growers in the Sydney basin are small-scale and have a relatively high fixed cost base compared with large scale operations. However, we're committed to provide you with great value. In particular our Value Bags will help you shave dollars off your fruit & veg budget compared with what you would have spent in the fruit shop or supermarket. That doesn't mean we're the cheapest in everything, especially if you hunt for shop specials. But across a basket of items, you can expect Harvest Hub pricing to be similar to, and usually lower than what's selling in the shops.

Quality guaranteed

We guarantee everything we sell - 100%. If you are unhappy with any item you receive from us, call or email us and we'll provide a full refund or credit for that items against your account. We'll take your word for it, so you won't need to keep and return the offending item (except for some packaged grocery products so we can take up the issue with the manufacturer)

Easy and flexible

We give you full flexibility and an easy online shopping experience. Putting in an order takes seconds, and if you're happy with a standing order, you can just go on auto-pilot. You can buy your fruit & veg in 3 different ways:

  • Get the weekly Value Bag (available in 3 sizes) as is (minus your permanent exclusions). This is the 'no time to order' or 'Surprise me!' approach, suited to people who just want to go with the flow and are happy to use whatever seasonal produce comes in that week's bag
  • If you're a little choosey, start with the Value Bag but tailor it to your needs. By the weekend, we'll have a pretty good idea of what's going to be good - so we publish the contents by Saturday morning. You can log in, check out the bag and then remove things you don't need, and add items you do need. It's the best of both worlds! For every item you remove, your order value will reduce accordingly - all with full price transparency.
  • If the Value bag looks nothing like what you need, just set up a custom order from scratch: select any fruit or veg in the quantity you need from the pick list. The following week, you can change back to a Value Bag - or keep the custom order, or amend it.

Harvest Hub: great food that doesn't cost the earth